History of the brand

Who created Mamneda?

Mamneda is an original inspiration by Abdoulaye Dem also known as A'dem who is a singer songwriter, a fictional writer, a painter, a passionate of design and an eco-friendly environment supporter.

What means Mamneda?

In the Mossi language, you're called so by someone for being directly or indirectly part of their blood. It's such a honor of consideration and testimony of love. Literally, it means one of mine (O.O.M). M'neda is the contracted form of Mamneda and you may choose to pronounce one or the other.

Reason for creating Mamneda

When being artist is source of creation, it's also way to cultivating and motivating the principles of the human core values as this seems to be what we need to implement the most for a better future of our common world. Like these songs he has always written to bring peace in souls, he here finds an extended path to say or help someone say hello to an other: you're "One Of Mine".